The beginning of corporation history was laid in 1990 with registration of small business enterprise “KRUG”
The objective set at that time was to bring forward into Ukrainian market modern construction materials and services which would allow domestic construction industry to reach new level of quality.
Introduction of new manufacturing technologies and effective management allowed successful development of corporation and take up strong position in the construction market of Ukraine.

Such characteristics as:
• High quality of the manufactured production;
• Orientation to satisfying of customers’ demands;
• Punctual fulfilment of partnership obligations.
guarantee sustainable growth of customers’ confidence in goods and services offered under KRUG ® trade mark.
Resting on traditions of the past years and promptly responding to new tendencies of the market development, the corporation positively faces the future.
 Professionals’ team-work;
 Assurance of high profitability and stable competitive edge;
 Constant goal-oriented work aimed at high-quality of products and services;
 Creation and development of innovative environment;
 Providing of descent living conditions and possibilities for corporation employees’ self-fulfillment.


 We create high quality construction materials and equipment using the latest achievements in the sphere of technologies;
 We labor for providing our corporation employees with descent living conditions;
 We think and work so that every citizen of our country could live together with his
families in new, comfortable houses, that were constructed taking into account his individual demands and wishes; so that we could have all the grounds to be proud of our working results, and our clients and customers could have reasons to be proud of their new houses and homes.
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